How Dental Sealants Can Save You Time and Money in the Long Run

How Dental Sealants Can Save You Time and Money in the Long Run

Are you debating whether the investment in dental sealants is justified? You’re at the correct location! Our dentist would be quite pleased to go over the advantages of dental sealants. In this sense, you can decide with knowledge for your smile and preserve excellent oral health for years to come.

A dental sealant will seal the chewing surfaces of your rear teeth as their name implies. Although you still have to maintain good dental hygiene, sealants reduce the hiding sites for germs. You will thus be able to keep a good grin and more successfully clean your teeth.

The tooth sealant operation is under the purview of preventive dentistry. This implies that it is meant to reduce your risk of cavities and other problems of oral health.

Preserve Your Teeth against Cavities

Usually starting in the rear teeth, sometimes referred to as your molars, cavities develop. The good news is that, during the first two years following application, dental sealants can guard against eighty percent of cavities. They will thereafter remain up to 50% effective for up to four years.

Whether you have tooth sensitivity or are prone to cavities, dental sealants give your smile further defense.

Preventive Care Helps You Save Money

Long-term financial savings can be made by means of preventive dental treatment. This is so because our routine exams let us find oral health problems before they have a chance to get worse. Likewise, there is plenty we can do to stop problems from arising initially. Dental sealants, for instance, serve to prevent places where tartar and plaque might gather.

Remember too that dental sealants are far less expensive than a root canal and crown. Another significant outlay for patients and their families is the dental implant replacement for a lost tooth.

Save Your Time with One Visit

Especially when one needs work done, nobody enjoys sitting in the dentist’s chair. Spend more time with loved ones the less time you spend in our office. Your time is valuable. Let a dental emergency throw off your plans and rob you of time!

We can schedule your next teeth cleaning visit to coincide with the quick dental sealant application. With appropriate care, sealants can also last several years, therefore providing extra protection for your smile.

Dental Sealant Techniques

Fast, painless, non-invasive dental sealant application is possible.

The dental sealant process consists of the following steps:

  • We will wipe and dry your teeth.
  • Applying a specific gel will help to smooth your molars’ chewing surfaces.
  • We’ll wash away the gel and dry your teeth.
  • Over the grooves, we will sweep the liquid sealer.
  • The new sealants will be hardened in place using a specifically designed curing light.

Please contact our dental office if you have any queries regarding tooth sealants without delay.

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