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Proactively caring for your dental health through preventive dentistry is crucial for both your overall and oral well-being. This approach lays a solid foundation for maintaining optimal health for you and your family.

To ensure excellent dental health, it’s essential to practice good oral hygiene at home and schedule annual dental checkups, including bi-annual professional cleanings. Comprehensive dental checkups involve examining your entire oral cavity, including teeth, gums, and bone structure, which can aid in early detection and prevention of diseases such as oral cancer. Remember, prevention is key to maintaining good oral and overall health.

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Comprehensive Evaluation/Oral Examination

During comprehensive dental exams, both gum tissue and bone structure are examined, whereas regular dental checkups focus on preventive care, standard cleanings, and a thorough oral examination.

Detecting and treating dental problems early can help prevent them from worsening, which is why it’s important to undergo routine dental checkups.



Paradise Dental utilizes specialized instruments for oral prophylaxis, commonly known as dental cleanings, to eliminate plaque and tartar, also known as calculus. 

If left unaddressed, calculus can cause damage to the gum line and potentially enter the bloodstream. 

With the expertise of Dr. Martins and his hygienist in Bradenton, they meticulously remove debris without causing harm to the gums and teeth. 

The frequency and duration of professional deep cleanings are contingent on the individual’s dental and gum health, and can be performed in a single or multiple visits.

Periodontal Gum Disease Treatments

If gum disease is a concern, Paradise Dental may suggest scaling and root planing as a course of action. Scaling involves removing tartar and plaque from the tooth roots, while planing smooths the surface after scaling.

Root planing promotes gum healing and reattachment to a clean, plaque- and tartar-free surface.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants, comprised of biocompatible dental resin, are a viable option for natural teeth that have not undergone prior restoration. Both children and adults can benefit from dental sealants, which effectively ward off food debris and plaque.

Typically, dental sealants are applied to the back of molars, painted directly onto the tooth surface during a single dental visit.

Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards are essential in preventing countless injuries during athletic practice and competition, safeguarding recreational, amateur, and professional athletes from dental harm.

Although three types of mouth guards exist – standard, boil and bite, and custom made – customized mouth protectors offer superior protection against sports-related injuries. Custom-made mouth guards are also a top choice for individuals with braces.

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