Aging Overall and Oral Health

Aging Overall and Oral Health

The condition of your teeth and gums and oral health really depends on your habits. Keep in mind that as you age the body’s organs, tissues and cells change. Paradise Dental explains that every change will affect your overall and oral health.

According to your Bradenton dentist there are many conditions that affect people who are older including disease and medication.

Aging and Oral Health

As you age certain conditions begin to occur overtime, some of these include:

Slow rate of cell renewal

Thinner tissue

Bone density issues

Longer healing periods

These changes affect bone, gum tissue and your entire oral cavity, which will increase your risk of overall and oral health issues in the future.

Common Oral Health Issues and Aging

Changes in Taste

Mouth Infections more Often

Periodontal disease

Oral Cancer

Liver Failure

Gall Bladder Issues

Kidney Disease

Dry Mouth

Receding Gums

Restoration Failure

Tooth Loss

Paradise dental explains that as gums get thinner as you age. This could lead to recession. Dry mouth and gum recession also lead to tooth decay. Some studies indicate dry mouth could make the esophagus susceptible to damage or injury as well.

Loss of Sensitivity

When you get older your nerves get smaller. That means your teeth won’t be as sensitive as they were when you were younger. In other words you may not feel tooth decay or gum disease.

If you like your citrus fruits and soft drinks consuming them often you may want to cut down as both will cause further enamel damage.

Taste and Feeling

Age changes the way food tastes. Taste sensations start to weaken leading some to add more spices to the mix.

People will also eat foods that are hotter than normal because of sensitivity issues. This could lead to burning gums and mouth sores.

Sadly sores will cause some to forego a healthy diet leading to malnutrition. Painful mouth sores also discourage brushing and flossing.

Dry Mouth

With age comes a decrease in saliva. While this is normal, people on certain medications may find that their dry mouth has amplified.

Because dry mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva there is nothing to wash away the food particles and bacteria. This causes plaque and tartar.

Oral Health Care in Bradenton

While you can’t prevent aging you can be proactive when it comes to oral health. Regular checkups, oral cancer screenings and twice yearly professional cleanings will go a long way.

Get back on track and schedule an appointment with Paradise Dental today you and your teeth will thank you for it.

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