Are You Considering Cosmetic Dentistry?

Are You Considering Cosmetic Dentistry?

For most people smiling is part of life. However, there are those who don’t feel much like grinning. If this sounds like you cosmetic dentistry just might do the trick.

Those who have chipped, cracked, stained or missing teeth aren’t always happy to greet you with an open mouthed smile. Just like the rest of you your teeth and gums as age as well.

Paradise Dental is passionate about cosmetic dentistry for people of all ages, including and especially for seniors.

Cosmetic Dentistry and a Stained Smile

If your smile is stained because you smoke, drink red wine or enjoy highly colored foods professional teeth whitening could be just what your teeth ordered.

Talk to Dr. Jeffrey Martins about lightening your teeth with custom made whitening trays or schedule an appointment for chairside whitening in Bradenton.

Chairside Whitening

With chairside whitening you can brighten your teeth 8 to 10 shades in one dental visit. You will love the results and so will your teeth.

The entire process takes about an hour and a half and will leave you smiling until your next touch up.

Custom Made Trays

Of course if you have the luxury of time consider custom made trays. Unlike the over the counter variety they are not a one size fits all and custom made for your teeth.

Custom made bleaching trays are imperative as they prevent the prescription gel from seeping out into your gums.

The prescription based gel is much stronger than non prescription whitening products and will cause harm if the trays are not made to fit.

Professional Whitening Combo

Of course you can always get measured for your take home trays during your chairside whitening.

Your cosmetic dentist in Bradenton often recommends using both types of remedies to keep your teeth sparkling all year round.

If you are unsure how many chairside whitening treatments you will need during the calendar year talk to Paradise Dental as this is something that should only be done once or at the most, twice a year.

Cosmetic Dentistry Bradenton

People who have missing teeth and those whose teeth are chipped and cracked will need more than a professional teeth whitening session. Depending on what you and Dr. Martins decide on you could have anything from porcelain veneers or dental implants.

Everything and more is always available when you become a patient of Paradise Dental. Schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation today and find out what this practice can do for you.

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